Transport exchanges: everything worth knowing


               информация о транспортных биржах

Each country of the European Union has its own popular and unique exchange house
We have considered exchanges of cargo road transport. There are almost two dozen the most famous road transportation exchanges in Ukraine now, which include not only domestic resources, but also resources of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The list includes Lardi Trans.com, Della.ua, Trans.eu, Degruz.com, Cargo.lt, Timocom.ru, Stascom.com, A2b.direct, Transporeon.com, Ati.su, Sit-trans.com, Sovtes.ua, Tona.com.ua, Logistoffice.com, Transport.md, Logintrans.ru, Transinfo.by, Avtodispetcher.ru, Transport.totalsystem.md.
Lardi trans.com, Della.ua Trans.eu, Degruz.com, Cargo.lt are the most famous among users.
Forwarding companies are the main users of the transportation exchanges services.
According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the largest export regions of Ukraine are Dnipropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Poltava, Kharkiv regions and Kyiv; 64% of the cargo is transported by road.
This division is due to geographical location. The regions with frontiers with the state border have an advantageous geographical position, so the Transcarpathian region borders with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania; Chernivtsi region - with Romania; Lviv and Volyn regions - with Poland; Zhytomyr, Chernigiv, Kyiv regions with - the Republic of Belarus, in the Odessa region there are ports and the border with Moldova; the Kharkiv region has frontiers the Russian Federation.

It would be useful to compare the declared capabilities, the number of registered users, the cost for placing bids, the security level, the geographical scope and the digital possibilities of the exchanges to determine the best of them to work with.

The main transportation exchanges include:
Trans.eu. Over 36 200 companies use this platform daily. The service package costs EUR 828 per year. Companies that do not use Trans.eu yet are provided with 7 days period of full access to decide on further use. This is one of the most popular European transport platforms, including not only the exchange floor, but also a number of IT solutions.
TimoCom. Transport Exchange of Europe, founded in 1997. The exchange provides for the option of a 4-week free use without access restrictions to any services, such as the Emar (navigation), the profile, tenders and others.
Degruz.com is a Ukrainian exchange, founded in 2006. Mykola Shevchenko, the Head of DeGruz, outlines: "The number of registered companies, as well as private entrepreneurs, is over 90 000. Every day 70 new companies are registered. The exchange works mainly with direct owners of the cargo, the number of applications varies from 7 000 a day depending on the season." One can easily start to work with the exchange. The scans the documents may be requested after moderation only if the exchange managers are in doubt about the correctness of the entered data by the user.
Della.ua. The resource is present in all CIS countries. You can just add the domain of a country, for example .by; .ru; .ua; .kz; .az, and find cargo in a chosen CIS country. There is a useful service function - tracking of price offers for cargo transportation within each country, as well as on popular international services.
Soon, the further growth of forwarding activity, the West course, the IT development and general automation of the goods transportation will contribute to the improvement and transformation of transport exchanges. It already causes us great enthusiasm to see a transition to a digitalization of processes.