Trade Ukraine-UK: with faith in a bright future!


               торговля между украиной и великобританией

It's time to talk again about interesting facts and today we will consider the trade relations between Great Britain and Ukraine.

Potential for mutually beneficial collaboration between the countries is forecast to be USD 3.5 billion per year.
Ukraine and Great Britain have agreed to negotiate the establishment of a free trade zone.

As of 2017, trade between Ukraine and the UK amounted to just over USD 2 billion. In fact, the potential may be USD 3.5 billion. Considering that the UK has decided to withdraw from the European Union, we need to talk about new aspects of economic cooperation.

British buy from Ukraine sunflower oil, flour confectionery goods, and most of all pragmatic British love Ukrainian ... eggs. In January-April, Ukraine sold abroad 731 million eggs for USD 14 million, 2/3 of which were sold to Britain.

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