The main thing about cabotage transportations

  • What is meant by cabotage transportation of goods?
     Сabotage is understood as the transportation of Ukrainian and foreign goods by loading them on a sea (river) vessel at one point in the customs territory of Ukraine and transporting it to another point in the territory of Ukraine where they will be unloaded. At the same time, goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine by a sea (river) vessel are allowed to cabotage transportation between controlling authorities or within the zone of activity of one controlling body after their transfer to another sea (river) vessel that goes under the flag of Ukraine, or, the condition for obtaining a permit from the central executive authority, which ensures the formation and implementation of the state policy in the sphere of transport, - on a foreign ship. 
  • Loading and unloading of goods during cabotage transportation
     Loading of goods transported by cabotage to ships and their unloading from these vessels is carried out in the sea (river) ports at the location of the controlling bodies.

    Upon written request of the owner of the goods transported by cabotage or the person authorized by him, the supervising authority allows the loading and / or unloading of the said goods at a different point than originally planned, under the control of the officials of this body and under conditions specified by the TCU, h. outside the location of the controlling bodies, as well as outside the working hours established for the control bodies, with the charging of the corresponding fee,

    If a ship that carries out cabotage transportation of goods, as a result of an accident, a natural disaster or other circumstances that have the nature of force majeure, is not able to reach one of the places of customs control in the customs territory of Ukraine, the unloading of goods from it is allowed in places where there are no controlling bodies. In such cases, the master of the ship must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of these goods and inform the monitoring bodies. At the same time, the goods continue to be cabotage.

  • Documents required for admission of goods to cabotage transportation
    According to the part. 1 of Article 100 of the Customs Code of Ukraine for cabotage transportation of goods, a document containing the list of goods intended for such transportation, information on the vessel that will perform such transportation, and the name of the Ukrainian port or ports where the goods are to be unloaded shall be submitted to the controlling body. This document after the completion of customs formalities is the basis for the performance of one cabotage transportation of the goods indicated therein. The supervisory authority, which performed customs formalities, informs the supervising authorities of the appointment. When unloading goods at the destination, the controlling authority is provided with a list of goods to be unloaded at this point.