The best way of transportation: TIR or Financial Guarantee?


               оформление финансовой гарантии гарант премиум

How is it better to transport the goods and why is the Financial Guarantee much easier and more convenient?

The procedure for the Guarantee execution is an important stage, but nobody wants to experience bureaucratic difficulties. The Carnet TIR is a good warranty for the goods that need an insurance of up to EUR 100 000. However, there are cases when the amount of insurances is much higher than the limits provided by the Carnet TIR warranty. If the amount of the insurances exceeds EUR 100 000, then the Carnet TIR no longer covers such an amount. In this case, an additional guarantee is needed, but its registration will lead to additional waste of time and money. Therefore, we would like to suggest you to choose an appropriate option, where the amount of insurances is not limited - this is a Financial Guarantee issued by the Guarantor.

The Financial Guarantee is one of the most profitable and convenient ways of ensuring the payment of customs fees, since it does not provide for the depositing of money into a deposit account or to the cash desk of the revenue and duties agencies of Ukraine.

Our clients who choose this type of customs payment security as the "Financial Guarantee" distinguish the following advantages:

  • The use of the Financial Guarantee does not require large investments and additional membership payments.
  • Issuing the Financial Guarantee is much easier and more convenient. The driver does not need to have any application forms in advance or, even more so, to buy them.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount and type of the goods.

Time and money are crucial for logistics, and by cooperating with Garant-Service you not only save your time and money, but receive a simple, transparent and convenient service!