Privacy Policy


1. General Provisions

To improve the quality of services and security of our customer data, we hereby inform you what data we collect and how we use them on our website www.gs.com.ua (hereinafter – the Website). We respect confidential information of anyone who visits our website, for this reason we created this Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) pursuant to the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation in force.


This Policy applies to the websites, which may be visited following a hyperlink on our Website.


We inform you that we use cookies. Every time you visit our Website, we may collect data on devices you use, networks you join while using our services. The data may include the following information: IP-address, information for log in, browser type and version, type of browser plugins, operating system and platform, browsing history information including URL-address route history on, through or from our website, products you browsed, loading errors, duration of browsing certain pages etc. We collect the aforementioned data by using various technologies, including cookies. Cookies are small data block temporarily stored on a hard disk of your computer or in a mobile device so you could use our Website more efficiently. If you accept the Policy, we can use cookies every time you browse our Website.

 2. List of Personal Data

This is the list of personal data of users, which can be collected, stores and used while browsing the Website: 

-       your name, surname and patronymic, identification number, address, phone number, e-mail or other contact details;

-       information about your computer, including IP-address, geographical location, browser type and version, and operating system;

-       information about you visiting and browsing the Website, including the duration of a session, pages browsing and navigation through the Website etc.;

-       information you enter while using services on our Website;

-       information about payment transactions, bank accounts, using acquiring services, etc.;
-       information from any messages you send as via e-mail or on our Website, including their communication content and metadata;

-       any other personal information you may send us and enter while registering on our Website.

 3. Purpose of Processing

     Personal data you provide on our Website may be used for the following purposes:

-        to administrate our Website and business;

-        to personalize our Website for you, allowing you to use our services on our Website;

-        to file of applications, bills and reminders about fee charges;

-        to send you messages;

-        to send e-mails specifically requested by you;

-        to provide third parties with statistical data on our users (but the aforementioned third parties cannot identify any specific user using these data);

-        to handle requests and claims you may make or those concerning you regarding our Website;

-        to ensure safety of our Website and prevent fraud;

-        to control abidance by our Website terms of use (including monitoring of personal messages sent via our personal message service on the Website);

-        and for other purposes.


Furthermore, we use your personal data for marketing purposes in consistency with the legislation of Ukraine. Using your personal data for direct marketing purposes (commercial newsletters and marketing mail about new product, services and offers, which we think you may be interested at), we include links, following which you may unsubscribe from such emails in future.

 4. Access to Your Personal Data

We have the right to disclose your personal data to any employee, officer, insurer, professional consultant of our company etc. in exceptional cases for the purposes specified in the Policy.


We inform you that the data you provide us with are added to the database owned by the Unlimited Partnership Velta F. I. I. G. «Garant-Service» to process them, and keep records to the extent required by the law. To carry out the aforementioned purpose your data may be released to third parties involved in their processing.

Your data may be released to third parties in the following cases:

-       you explicitly agreed to such release;

-       there is a necessity to enter into or execute a deal between us and a third part in your favour;

-       there is a necessity to form and perform legal procedures (claims, lawsuits, legal processing etc.);

-       there are important reasons of public interest;

-       there is a reasonable request by a government body authorized to request and obtain such data and information.


We undertake obligation not to release your personal data to any third parties except for the cases specified herein.

 5. Personal Data Storage Period

Your consent to the processing of personal data is in force without date. The period of your personal data storage is indefinite. Your personal data are processed within the period that does not exceed their legal intended application and purposes specified herein.

6. Your Rights

Providing us with your personal data, you have the following rights:

-        to request access to your personal data;

-        to request correction of any of incorrect data concerning you;

-        to request deletion of your personal data;

-        to restrict and prohibit processing of your personal data as well as the right to mobility of data;

-        to revoke your consent to personal data processing. 

To exercise the aforementioned rights you have to contact us by means of a written application sent to the following e-mail: main@gs.com.ua.
Please, be aware, that some of the Website functions which require your personal data may be disabled after the data deletion.
This Website is neither intended, nor designed for children under 14. The processing of personal data of 14-18-year-old minors may be carried out only with the consent from their parents (adoptive parents) or guardians.
If you have a complaint about any aspect of your personal data processing, you may contact us, as well as Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Ombudsperson, or take the matter to court.

7. Data Safety

We inform you that we took all necessary measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction with certain technical and organizational tools.

We use data encryption technology HTTPS from your browser to our Website www.gs.com.ua.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that transmitting data in the Internet is not always safe. For this reason, we do everything possible to protect your personal data as soon as we receive them.

You are responsible to ensure that the password you use to log in on our Website is confidential. We will not ask you the password (only when you log in on our Website).

 8. Privacy Policy Amendments

The Policy terms and conditions for the Website may be amended. For this reason, it is advisable to check the Website from time to time. All amendments take effect from the moment of their publication on the Website. By continuing to use our Website, you agree to new terms and condition of the Policy as published at the time of the Website being used.

9. Contact Details

Should you have any questions concerning our Policy, please, contact us through the following e-mail: main@gs.com.ua.

 10. User Consent

Using our Website, you confirm that you are aware of terms and conditions of the Policy and rights, granted to personal data subjects according to Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” and agree to the terms and conditions specified herein by checking the box “AGREE”.