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Popular online transport exchanges to search for cargo and transport

Today in Ukraine there are about 20 known resources (not only domestic, but also international), there are some very popular. Among them:

  • Lardi Trans.com
  • Della.ua
  • Trans.eu
  • Degruz.com
  • Cargo.lt
  • Stascom.com
  • A2b.direct
  • Transporeon.com
  • Ati.su
  • Sittrans.com
  • Sovtes.ua
  • Tona.com.ua
  • Logistoffice.com
  • Transport.md
  • Logintrans.ru
  • Transinfo.by
  • Avtodispetcher.ru
  • Transport.totalsystem.md.

Let's take a closer look at some of them.

Trans.eu -it is a platform that tens of thousands of companies use in their work. Among the reasons for the popularity of this exchange is that, in addition to its direct function, it offers a number of interesting solutions in the field of IT. Among them are:

  • Business communicator. This option helps participants communicate instantly by concluding various transactions with each other.
  • Financial Debt Settlement Department. Its effectiveness is evidenced by the fact that more than 90 percent of cases receive a positive decision.
  • Road map with automatic route planning option. It has the option of synchronizing with the offer exchange.

The listed capabilities are not limited to the list of those functions that this platform offers.


Transport Exchange of Europe, founded in 1997. The exchange provides the option of 4-week free use without restricting access to all services, such as Emar (navigation), counterparty profile, tenders, etc.

After testing, the management of the exchange separately with each company sets the number of accounts (each is paid separately) depending on its needs.

In order to register on the exchange, you must provide a license, TIN, registration certificate, insurance of the carrier or forwarder, scan of documents of the owners of the company.

If a company has been on the market for less than 6 months, then it will not get access to the platform.

Also in Timocom is the Timocom CashCare section, thanks to which you can ask the exchange to help in litigation with the customer or carrier of the benefits:

  • 4 weeks free trial;
  • the possibility, in the event of judicial consideration of a dispute between the customer and the carrier, to ask the exchange for help.
  • Companies that work in their segment of services for less than six months do not get access to the functionality of this platform.


The Della.ua resource is presented in all CIS countries. Among the important elements of the functionality of this exchange are:

  • the ability to search for goods in a specific country;
  • availability of the option to track price offers for the transportation of goods within each country and on popular combinations of international importance.
  • At the same time, a lot of transport and cargo offers on this exchange are duplicated from other online platforms.


Derguz.com online exchange was founded in 2006. It is quite popular, so today several dozen new companies are registered on it every day. Among the advantages of the site:

  • simple and convenient functionality;
  • a request for the provision of documents only if, after verification, doubts arose about the correctness of the data provided by the user.
  • Therefore, the platform is easy to use.

Of course, the listed resources are not limited to the list of popular sites in Ukraine for searching for cargo and transport. However, these platforms are among the most popular among users.

Source: https://www.tvl.net.ua