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               customs clearance of cargo transportation

Every year more and more Ukrainian enterprises both take part in various exhibitions abroad and host foreign participants in Ukraine. In order not to get yourself into a mess and to bring exhibition property across the customs border of Ukraine smoothly, you should timely and properly draw up all the necessary customs documentation.

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The movement of goods for participation in the exhibition through the customs border of Ukraine is a subject to customs declaration with submission of the Customs Cargo Declaration (CCD) and corresponding Customs clearance. The exhibition property is a subject to Customs clearance if the exhibition organizer (participant) submits a written application (which indicates the exhibition purpose, time and place, legal address and phone numbers of the exhibition organizer (participant), bank account details and other information (upon request of the Customs office) which might be used further for clearance of the exhibition goods).

It is crucial to the preparation of documents to follow the Customs clearance procedure for the exhibition equipment.

The Custom clearance of the exhibition property in case of importation (exportation) through the customs border of Ukraine is considered complete if the entities engaged in foreign economic activity comply with the Tariff and non-tariff regulations and submit the necessary documents to the Customs office:

  • the document proves of the payment of Customs duties established by the current legislation;
  • the Customs Cargo Declaration (is drafted by the exhibitor at the Customs office separately for each of the four cargo types: display exhibits, stand facilities, promotional material, sampling property (gifts, etc.));
  • the participant's obligations not to sell goods taken into charge within the customs regime of temporary importation (exportation), without the Customs office permission and the relevant Customs clearance and their application in order to free of use within a given timeframe;
  • the written application of the international exhibition organizer and the resolution of the Head of the Customs office (copies are required);
  • the agreement (contract, invitation, etc.) for participation in the exhibition;
  • the authorization documents, established by the current legislation.

The Custom clearance of temporary importation (exportation) of the exhibition property takes place at the Customs office which operation area covers the location of your enterprise or the exhibition. The Customs clearance of shipments with an invoice value less than USD 100 (excluding goods subject to import control) shall be carried out on the letter of the enterprise without the submission of the CCD.

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