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               сопровождение грузов от компании гарант сервис

Compliance with safety in transit is simply necessary if you are interested in ensuring that your cargo arrives in full and proper condition. Practice shows that during the delivery and movement of goods, their owners are at high risk of losses and losses, related both to normal damage to inventory and to intentional wrecking and embezzlement.

Garant-Service has many years of experience in this field and a proven staff. Escort of goods is provided by guards who have special training, regularly undergo training, trainings and periodically pass tests for professional fitness. The ability to quickly assess the situation, forecast its most likely development, independently take adequate, legitimate measures - that's the qualitative level of training of our employees. During the escort of cargo our employees are provided with all the equipment necessary for the task: mobile and radio communication, modern means of protection, and the like. When accepting the cargo for protection, all the necessary security measures coordinated with the client are conducted.

After signing the contract, the project of cargo escort is developed individually, taking into account its features and attracted vehicles. The security scheme is being worked out and agreed with the client. In accordance with this, a detailed instruction is developed for the protection of the escorted cargo from the moment of receipt of material values ​​under protection until the moment of their delivery. Individual liability is provided for each case. Our specialists will necessarily provide the necessary consultation on the installation of technical means of protection, will help maximize the cost of protection. We are ready to provide expert evaluation of the chosen transportation route or, at your request, we will develop an optimal (economic and maximum safe) route scheme taking into account the location of car service centers, gas stations, places for safe rest, etc.

When escorted by road transport, the guards are in escort cars or in the car cab next to the driver. When the escort vehicles are involved, the communication system and conditional signals with the driver are set up, in case of unforeseen circumstances, emergency stops, etc. When the carriage of goods is carried out by vehicles that do not belong to the customer, we establish the relations necessary with the transport company chosen to ensure the safety of transportation. If the customer does not have stable preferences of the carrier, we can offer you the services of companies with whom we have a positive experience of cooperation.

When accompanying the carriage of goods by road, we provide:

  • coordination of the mechanism for receiving and transferring cargo with mandatory inspection of the unharmed sides of the car and awning (booth), as well as the presence of a clear seal (if necessary and at the request of the client, we provide our own single seals, which increase the control over the safety of cargo);
  • periodic check of cargo unharmed during transportation by accompanying personnel;
  • control of loading-unloading;
  • by the operational service of constant monitoring of the protection and tracking of cargo on the whole route, taking into account the specification of the delivery time and calculating the approximate time of travel of points, the time of communication with the dispatcher (additionally possible installation and tracking by means of JPS navigation), if desired along the route the customer is provided with detailed information information on the movement of goods;
  • additional security measures in places of rest, as well as in places where vehicles are inspected (for example, technical or patrol), carrying cargo (including with the help of technical means of protection and control of the car in places of stops), solving emergency situations (police checks, cargo inspection, road accident);
  • assistance in working with state law enforcement services.

The duties of security personnel when escorting wagons, platforms, and water transport also include periodic checking of the integrity of wagons, containers, containers, verification of seals and seals. To reduce the likelihood of attack and theft at stops, berths, the routes of detour change constantly, patrols are exposed and the roofs, platforms, spaces under cars, ships are examined, and the integrity of seals and seals is checked, and the securing of the accompanying cargo is checked. When escorting goods in wagons and vessels, any negotiations with outsiders are conducted solely by the senior security team, while other guards continue to guard without distraction.

Information about the nature of the goods and the place of delivery are in no way disclosed to third parties. Supervisors and inspectors who provided the relevant documents are allowed to present documents for the escorted cargo, but information on the number of guards, their arrangement, schedule of service is not provided.

Garant-Service is your reliable assistant for escorting cargo all over Ukraine! We guarantee your success!