Garant-Service is your reliable assistant for escorting cargo all over Ukraine! We guarantee your success!
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Garant-Service provides all kinds of customs services for doing business with any country in the world! We are the reliable guarantor of your business!
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Garant-Service being the guarantor of your success, besides other services, offers you the design of the T1 transit declaration!
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Our company is happy to help importers by providing a financial guarantee for the installment of VAT! Garant-Service - on guard of your business!
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"Velta PMGG" Garant-Service "Your reliable assistant for customs control matters: a team of professionals who is ready 24 hours a day for 7 days a week to work qualitatively and conscientiously for the benefit of your business and many years of experience is what make us Company No. 1 on Sites All Customs and brokerage services!
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