Application of the customs transit regime for goods overloading

  • Transhipment of goods transported in the customs transit regime from one vehicle to another is permitted with the permission of the supervisory authority in the area of ​​operation of which the reloading takes place.
  • If overloading can be carried out without infringement of customs seals and other means of identification, such reloading is allowed without permission, but with prior informing of the controlling body.
  • Carrying out of grouping of packing places, change of packing, marking, sorting, and also repair and replacement of the damaged packing are carried out with the permission of supervising body.
  • In order to obtain the approval of the supervisory authority by the person responsible for compliance with the requirements of the customs regime, only the goods transport document for the transportation of the goods is submitted to the supervisory authority.
  • In case of refusal to grant permission, the supervisory authority is obliged to inform the person who asked for permission to be informed in writing or in electronic form, promptly, about the reasons and grounds for such refusal.
  • When goods are moved to the customs transit regime, replacement of the motor vehicle with prior informing of the controlling body of the destination is permitted on the reasons for such a replacement, if such replacement does not require the transfer of goods.