Sea ports of Ukraine increased transshipment of goods by 16%

  • For the seven months of 2019, the sea ports of Ukraine handled 85.5 million tons of cargo
  • The basis of such growth is grain cargo and ore, which together provide more than 55% of the total transshipment and more than 60% of exports through the seaports of Ukraine
  • The handling of containerized cargo at ports has already increased by 20%
  • There is an increase in grain transit - more than 53%. First of all, due to the transshipment of such goods from Moldova through the port of Reni, which provided more than 90% of grain transit

Among the Ukrainian seaports, the leaders in transshipment are four ports:

  • Yuzhny has exceeded 28.1 million tons (+ 24.3
  • Nikolaev - almost 18.2 million tons (+ 23.3%)
  • Chernomorsk - almost 14.2 million tons (+ 18.8%)
  • Odessa - almost 14 million tons (+ 14.1%)

For data: Administration of the seaports of Ukraine