New requirements on import of products of animal origin and animals have been approved

  • Requirements on import of live animals, food products of animal origin, forages, hay, straw, as well as by-products of animal origin and products of their processing were approved in April by the relevant order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy N 553 and registered by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Upon adoption of modernized standards, it is expected to increase the species diversity of products that can be imported to Ukraine. After all, this legislation did not establish requirements for the import of a number of categories of products, which created significant difficulties for business in international trade. Thus, the new order sets requirements for such new categories of products as composite products, gelatin, collagen, colostrum, frogs legs and snails, 33 categories of by-products and products of their processing.

  • In addition, imports of animals and their products from zones or compartments will be allowed, unless the whole territory of the exporting country is free from one or another animal disease. At the same time, the raw material must come from an area where, during a clearly defined period of time, no animal diseases were recorded (for each type of food of animal origin). However, the order does not establish requirements for the origin of raw materials for the production of food products exclusively from the territory of the exporting country, which is a significant relief for producers.

  • translation from the source: European Business Association